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White Knighting

I know it’s popular among some fans to ‘white knight’ a girl to naysayers and detractors and those they feel have done their starlet wrong. That’s fine, if you enjoy it, you enjoy it.

What I don’t enjoy- is when someone feels the need to white knight me, FROM MYSELF.

Apparently, someone feels that I’m not acting in my own best interests by being in porn. Screw you. How do you know what my best interests are?

I’ve never thought that sex and sexuality were anything to be ashamed of. If it’s been hidden from anyone in my life (extended family) it was only so they didn’t feel embarrassed due to their own moral compass. My nuclear family and friends know, and that’s enough for me. 

One of you, felt that just because everyone close to me knew, and while perhaps not approving, weren’t doing anything to stop me, that you needed to go just a bit further. 

Emailing my extended family is a coward move, dude. I hope someday someone looks past your pleasure in your life, or your job, or your relationship, and decides to try to ruin it merely because they’re concern-trolling.

In the age where information is rampantly available, think about whether it’s your right to use that information, and if it has any part in your life. Mind your own damn business people.

Oh, and by the way: didn’t work. You can’t scare me out of this business, bro. It’s where I was born to be ^_~

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Some of us miss you! Myself included.


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Did you have any objections to working with christian because he does gay and tranny porn?


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lol, Happy New World everyone! 
(Not a zombie in sight, damn….)
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